Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes Reviews

  • Mark Sarasota, FL

    Hi Dan. I found LNKD had earnings after hours on Feb 4, 2016. The historic chart of LNKD had some huge gaps during earnings. Feb 2, 2016 LNKD was trading at $200 per share so I bought the LNKD $150 Put option, 25 contracts for $.08 total cost per contract and the risk was just $200 (which is why I consider this just like a penny stock). Well in the after hours on Feb 4 LNKD fell to $93 and I almost sh*t my pants. I was $53 points in the money! Next morning LNKD I covered at $105 per share so I ended up being $45 in the money. 45 x 100 = $4500 x 25 contracts = $112,500 profit! It was my best trade ever. This never would have happened without your course and e-book. Thanks so much!

  • Nathan Hacienda Heights, CA

    Great book! It really cuts through all of the clutter out there and for this price... Daniel could have easily charged 10 fold for the info in his e-book. He takes you from point A - Z. Teachers and trainers don't always teach you everything they know, however I feel that Daniel Regan the author has been forthcoming with blunt honesty. All cards on the table. I recommend this ebook to whoever wants to be or currently is involved in stock trading.

  • Tom Breezy Point, NY

    Hi Daniel I have been a penny stock guy for over 20 years. I lost more than I won. After reading your book I realized why the odds were stacked up against me. I plan on reading your book again 2-3 more times till I get this right. Thanks for this excellent book well worth it. Great course!

  • Paul Chicago, IL

    I found the information in this course to be unique and valuable. Daniel is very helpful. Great course!

  • Mike New York, NY

    I have just finished reading your book and I can tell you it is one great read. I wish I came across this book years ago so that it would have speeded up the process to where where I am today. It could have pointed me in the right direction without using my "let me do it myself method". I am an experienced trader and have been successful doing it the hard way, but this book could easily helped me skip several months or even years.

  • Tony Las Vegas, NV

    This book is a DEFINITE must read for the serious trader. As an ex Financial Advisor, that started my career with a penny stock firm, this book brought back a lot of things I had forgotten as well as a LOT of new material. One thing that readers will find beneficial is not only does Dan shows you his trading strategy, he also shows how some of the 'Gurus" and institutional penny stock traders REALLY make money. This book gets to the nitty gritty of how money is made and dis-spells a lot of the myths. This is is the most in depth book on penny stocks and the ONLY one that I have ever seen that is REAL in its approach and honest in what to expect. Thanks for having written a great book that is a well laid out, step by step roadmap for trading Dan!

  • Ahmad Falls Church, VA

    This is by far one of the best books I have ever read on trading. Congratulations and thank you very much!

  • Dave Oakland, CA

    Dan I finished your course today, and made $440 this morning in profits trading with some of the knowledge you shared. This pays for the course 4x's over! What a great investment it was to get your book. If you write any more in the future, I'll be first in line to get them!

  • Shawn Ames, Iowa

    Dan I recently purchased your ebook and I must say it is very good. It is not only well written but it has very good content. Additionally, your common sense approach far surpasses other hype out there, those who are just looking to sell their schemes instead of trading to make money. Thanks again for a very good product at a very reasonable price.

  • Adam Las Vegas, NV

    Thanks for the great course. I really enjoyed it. It completely changed the way I view penny stocks. My confidence in my ability is higher than it has ever been. I've made the most money applying your advice to options trading, and am up a few thousand this week. I use your technical settings and they are spot on. 90% of the time I have gone against your technical advice, I've lost money. This confidence has allowed me to withdraw a few hundred thousand from my managed brokerage account and start managing it myself, and I am doing twice as well as before!

  • John Peoria, AZ

    The course is a must have for any beginner that is interested in learning the ins and outs of penny stocks. It compiles the most important information and explains the truths and hidden secrets behind penny stocks that will bring you amazing returns and will also save you from losing tons of money. The author teaches you his very own personal trading system that has worked for many years. Without this course, I would still be digging around trying to find answers to so many questions a beginner has. It has put me on the right path to making great returns, and is well worth the purchase, thank you!

  • Keshia Greensboro, NC

    I am new to trading but I found this book to be very informative. I think it's great for beginners or anyone for that matter.

  • Christina Kalispell, MT

    I really enjoyed your course Dan. I am just a beginner, and thought your book was very informative and easy to understand! I really like that you didn't sugar coat anything! You are for real, honest, and compassionate! Thank you so much!

  • Christian Quebec, CAN

    Dan I simply loved your book and learned so much from it. What I liked most about it is that it helped to answer many questions that I had for along time. This book is very well done, and there is no need to think about buying it. Just buy it and you will enjoy it. The book is like caviar for a really good price. Thanks again and I am very happy I bought your book!

  • Scott Scottsdale, AZ

    This book should be required reading for all beginning traders! There is some excellent information given and some good tips. Even veteran penny stock traders could pick up some useful tips. I wish I would have had something like this when I started out trading.

  • Tony Maplewood, NJ

    Wow! I just finished your course and could't believe how thorough and attentive to detail it was! I'm a beginner, so will definitely have to re-read several times, but am very confident that this will work for me. Thank you very much for going above and beyond what was expected.

  • Pat Castle Rock, CO

    I started looking for a way to learn to trade penny stocks and came across your website. I have to say your ebook was the best I have ever read and it was exactly what I have been looking for! It is worth every penny you charge for your information. Thank you. If anyone is looking for an informative ebook that I think is ingenious I would recommend this ebook.

  • Mark Indianapolis, IN

    I've been interested in trading penny stocks for sometime now. The problem was always finding the right info on how to trade. Dan's book gave me the info and knowledge needed to trade stocks. If you are wanting to learn how to trade penny stock pumps, this is the book that teaches you how to do it. The extra's that Dan gives you with the course is worth the price of the course alone. The other valuable info Dan offers up is about all stock promoters and how to set up the alerts. This alone is priceless!

  • Robert Laclede, Idaho

    I bought your book last week and spent the week reading and re-reading it. I am new to stock trading so some of the info seemed like totally new ideas, but your book is complete and very educational. Thank$ a million!

  • Jason Fort Lauderdale, FL

    This book is a quick read with an in-depth technical analysis overview. I recommend using this book to expand your knowledge of the penny stock market in order to increase your profits and minize losses. Thanks!

  • Mirsad Ontario, CAN

    This is a great book! It has such detailed information! It is worth so much more than the cost!

  • David Dallas, TX

    Dan I enjoyed your book and all the wisdom you share in it. I found it very useful!

  • Marco Austin, TX

    Hey Dan I ordered your course and I have to say I really enjoyed it, it has really opened up my eyes on promos and penny stocks. Not to mention how much I learned about stock trading itself!

  • Eric Liverpool, NY

    I just finished my first read through your book. I'm glad I made the purchase. I've been trying to develop a solid strategy, and I now see it would take years to discover only a small portion of your strategy. Your course probably saved me thousands of dollars, because I'm clearly not ready to trade yet. I will jump in at some point but not until I have read this several times and am comfortable with everything. Thank you for making this course, it's well worth the price tag!

  • Ilya Hamburg, Gemany

    I can say that this material was really valuable for me personally, especially in form of understanding the many factors of the penny stock market. For me personally your topics about patterns and the psychology as well as your daily routine helped me to become more disciplinned to cut the losses quicker with a trading plan. I can only say that I have read a lot of stuff about Penny Stocks and watched even DVD from some so-called Gurus like Tim Sykes and your material sums up much more and in more detail, all the important information like Money Management, Rules, Psychology and the methodology in one nutshell. This shows me that you care about your quality and share your real knowledge in trading Penny Stocks. Best wishes!

  • Enrique Lawrenceville, GA

    I really appreciate your course Dan. It is the first time I have come a across a trading book with a clear message that is straight to the point, not filled with nonsense like many books I have read. The clear message against being greedy makes this book clearly stand out from the rest. For example many guru's convey the false impression you can trade by catching the lows and the highs which is just not true. For this in itself, this book is worthy!

  • Zane Los Angeles, CA

    I have read your book and it has brought clarity for me to a foggy industry. I am new to trading all together and decided to purchase your book after losing money on my first trades. The $100 price seemed a bit much but I bit the bullet. I purchased your book in the hopes that I was purchasing a tool, I was not let down! Your book has swept aside the curtain that hides the wizard of oz. I intend to reread your book a few times for retention and also checking that my strategy mirrors yours. Thank you for the time you took to publish this piece. I'm sure it will help me immensely. Your directions are very concise and the insight into the industry paints a crystal clear picture of the market and how it is manipulated. I plan to sit a a number of trades out and study them with your book as a guide. So that I may be more educated going into them and raise the potential for my profit. Thanks.

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