Penny Stocks

There really is no such thing as goodpenny stocks although some times penny stocks are given away basically for nothing. The big reason this happens is because penny stocks really aren't worth much. A stock is only worth as much as somebody is willing to pay for it, but since penny stocks earn nothing and don't pay dividends, nobody really wants to own these stocks. You can find free penny stocks picks online but these also come at a price. You may not pay money for them but most of the time you will lose money so they definitely are not free penny stocks tips. Somebody that gives away free penny stocks picks will definitely have a reason for doing so. That reason is to get ignorant people to buy the stocks they recommend. Sometimes the reason they do this is so that they can sell shares that they purchased for less, at a much higher price. Other times they are employed by some other third party who would like them to jack up the price of a penny stock so that they can then unload the shares that they own to unsuspecting suckers. Either way it is not smart to think you are going to be successful with free penny stocks until you learn how to "game" the system


What Are Free Penny Stocks Good For?

If you know the secrets to trading penny stocks then you are aware that penny stocks are awful long term investments. Regardless of this reality, there is a large amount of money that can be earned from free penny stocks. You hmust understand that these penny stocks companies are not what you think they are. On the surface they might look like great investment opportunities but unfortunately this is not true. They are simply terrible investments since they do not make any profits and are unlikely to ever begin to do so.


How Can You Buy Free Penny Stocks?

You can setup an online account with one of many penny stock brokers. What you really have to be careful of is the fact that most of these online penny stock brokers will not let you buy free penny stocks. Many many state they will but then the commissions you pay will be so high that it will be impossible to make money on a trade. They are may provide very slow trade executions and this can also cause you a big disadvantage since penny stocks can move quite fast. I suggest opening an account with They are one of the best brokers for penny stocks because they offer low commissions and they also willexecute your trades extremely swiftly.


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