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  • avatar Marc Naples, FL

    I’ve just purchased Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes 2 and it is excellent! The market is always changing, and the strategies and tactics that this books teaches will help traders at any skill level capture profits. The information here is exactly what you will need to be part time or full time professional trader. Thank you.

  • avatar JohnAlexandria, VA

    Dan thank you for Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes part 2. I value your trading knowledge and expertise. I like how you use real trade examples to explain things. These examples, along with technical charts, and your thoughts, reasoning, and strategies were very interesting and helpful. Thank you.

  • avatar Daniel Fremont, CA

    Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes 2 is an absolutely invaluable resource, seriously. You see several of the EXACT setups and trades that Dan took with screen captures of his live charts and indicators. Part 2 goes into at least 2-3 times as much depth as part 1, and completely solidified my knowledge of how financial assets move and behave. This system is fantastic and applies to way more than Penny stocks. I've regularly used it to trade stocks like Ebay, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, as well as the Forex markets. If it weren't everything it promised I wouldn't be quitting my 6 figure job to become a full time day trader, but it really is, so I am!

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What's Included:


371 Page Trading E-book

Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes 2: Advanced Strategies For Becoming A Better Trader Is A 371 Page E-book Which Includes Step-By-Step Instructions And An Easy To Follow Guide. It Can Be Read On iPad, Android, Kindle, And More.


Getting Started Checklist

A Guide Which Shows How To Utilize Our 2nd Trading Course And Reduce Your Learning Curve Significantly. It Lists Each Component That Is Essential To Start Profiting In Penny Stocks.


Trading Journal

Included Is A Personal Trading Journal That I Use To Track All My Trades On A Daily Basis And Insure That You Can Track Your Progress As You Build Up Your Trading Account.


My Personal Watch Lists

You'll Receive My Watch Lists Which I Use To Monitor Various Industries And Sectors Of The Financial Markets So You Always Know What's Moving.


Reading List

You Will Receive A Comprehensive List Of The Best Trading Books That I have Come Across In My 14 Years Of Trading.


Social Media Trading Guide

We Are Providing A List Of Some Of The Best Traders To Follow On Twitter. In This Day And Age You Are Missing Out If Your Aren't Utilizing Social Media Networks In Your Trading.


So Much More Valuable Information!

This Course Goes Into Great Detail And Covers Every Aspects Of My Trading Process. It's Is Incredibly Detailed And Will Provide A Tremendous Amount Of Value If You Are Serious About Learning.


Bonus Audio Book

For A Limited Time We Are Also Going To Provide You With our Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes 2 MP3 Audio Book. It Ts 8+ Hours Long And Will Help You To Learn The Information From Our E-book Quicker.

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Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes 2 has the potential to change your life. If you go through the material and learn the lessons and skills provided, there is a very good chance that you will become a very successful trader. Seriously...

With that being said, the course comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're disappointed for whatever reason, you'll get every cent back and it's free for you. You really can't lose so you might as well try it out now risk free for 60 days...

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