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Here's What People Are Saying:

  • Mark Sarasota, Florida

    Hi Dan. I found LNKD had earnings after hours on Feb 4, 2016. The historic chart of LNKD had some huge gaps during earnings. Feb 2, 2016 LNKD was trading at $200 per share so I bought the LNKD $150 Put option, 25 contracts for $.08 total cost per contract and my total investment on this trade was just $200 (which is why I consider this just like a penny stock)! Well in the after hours on Feb 4 LNKD fell to $93 and I almost sh*t my pants. I was $53 points in the money! Next morning LNKD I covered at $105 per share so I ended up being $45 in the money. 45 x 100 = $4500 x 25 contracts = $112,500 profit! It was my best trade ever. This never would have happened without your course and e-book. Thanks so much!

  • Pat Castle Rock, CO

    I started looking for a way to learn to trade penny stocks and came across your website. I have to say your ebook was the best I have ever read and it was exactly what I have been looking for! It is worth every penny you charge for your information. Thank you. If anyone is looking for an informative ebook that I think is ingenious, I would recommend this ebook.

  • Chris Toronto, CAN

    Your book has amazing information and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's serious about learning how to become a profitable trader. I don't understand why you would sell your course for so little, you must be crazy. I've read the book multiple times now, and I went from knowing absolutely nothing to knowing quite a bit in a short period of time.

  • Sean Orlando, FL

    I have been trading for 3 years now so I am not a beginner but I have to say that this book is awesome! It really opened my eyes on some topics. This book is full of hot tips which all traders will find useful. Thank you!!

Trading Results:

KTOV - Buy (Day Trade)


KTOV was a small cap penny stock that I recently bought for a day trade. This was a really quick trade of less than 15 minutes for a decent $990 profit. I missed the morning trade but was able to catch the short squeeze in the afternoon while I was actually getting a chemo therapy infusion at my neurologists office! 


BFLX - Buy (Day Trade)


BFLX was a penny stock that I traded for a massive 63.07% profit in 30 minutes! This was considered to be a day trade because I bought and sold the stock on the same day. The beauty of penny stocks are that they make huge percentage gains and you can earn good profit's even if you are only trading with a small account.


CEYY - Buy (Swing Trade)

pump and dump


CEYY was a penny stock that I traded for a 23.08% profit in 3 days. This is considered to be a swing trade since I held the stock overnight.


CPMCF - Short Sale (Day Trade)

top penny stocks


CPMCF was a penny stock that I shorted for a nice 11.74% profit in one day! This is considered to be a day trade. Trades like this occur everyday and there are typically numerous opportunities to make thousands of dollars.


Here's Some Interesting Facts For You:

Did You Know 95% Of People Lose Money When Trying To Time The Stock Market?

Care to guess what that figure is when we're talking about penny stocks? That's right ? a whopping 99% of penny stock investors end up losing! I know it may be hard to believe but I promise you it actually is true.

I Bet You Are Wondering How This Is Even Possible?

Well the main reason this occurs is because most people view the penny stock market as a casino and choose to gamble by investing in penny stocks in the long term, rather than day trading penny stocks in the short term. Do you know what happens next? That's right... this is a guaranteed way to lose big!

The Rationale Behind Penny Stock Investing:

The truth is many people invest a few hundred dollars into a penny stock pick such as a company that claims they have a cure for cancer or some futuristic product that is going to revolutionize the world.

Do You Know What They Are Thinking?

Well, they're thinking that this $.05 dream stock will rise to $100 per share and turn them into millionaires overnight. The only problem is, they couldn't be more wrong, and they're going to take it on the chin ' hard.

The Winner Takes All...

You have to understand that the stock market is a zero sum game where one person wins and one person loses on every single trade that takes place. Unfortunately most people do not consider who is on the other end of their trade and how they are going to take that persons money.

What Are They Doing Instead?

Unfortunately they just pray they get lucky, and have the false impression that profits in the financial markets just magically appear out of nowhere! They never educate themselves about the best penny stocks to buy or learn the reasons why hot penny stocks move the way that they do.



Who Is Actually Making Money In Penny Stocks?

Penny Stock Investing

I Guarantee It's Not Who You Think...

You should be aware that only informed people are able to earn consistent profits in penny stock trading. The reality is that these "key market players" know which patterns are profitable and how advanced technical analysis can work to their advantage. They also know about who decides which free penny stock picks will rise and how the hottest penny stocks can make them a lot of money very quickly!

Can You Make Money A Lot Of Money Quickly?

Yeah, sure it's possible but extremely unlikely. Of the small group of winners, about .0001% get lucky and make millions in penny stocks quickly. Unfortunately those odds are similar to winning $1,000,000 on a scratch ticket and random payouts like this help to entice a steady supply of new suckers to try to find the best penny stocks to buy. The reality is it's foolish to think you can be lucky all the time, or at all because long term penny stock investing is for suckers!

What Is The Real Profit Potential?

I am not going to lie to you like so-called "gurus" & tell you that you can turn 1 thousand dollars  into 1 million in a short period of time, since this is damn near impossible even for professional traders. What I will say is that when I became profitable in 2004 I made several thousand a month with my proprietary trading system and started to make a lot more as the value of my trading account increased. Today it is not uncommon to make more money in short period of time than most people make in a whole month or occasionally a whole year!


What Really Goes On Behind The Scenes?

The Truth About Penny Stocks...

Many penny stocks have a great idea for a product and what looks like a great "story". From their professionally designed websites, online profiles, and PR campaigns, they look like great companies. Despite this, you need to realize one critical fact about penny stocks: A majority of companies listed on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) and the Pink Sheet exchanges, are fraudulent companies! I don't just mean they're poorly run but rather they're completely phony!

Don't Believe A Word That They Say

Under the surface many of these companies are nothing more than "shell corporations" which are run by only one employee, who's address is actually an abandoned warehouse or a UPS mail box! Miraculously these "exploratory stage" companies often increase their price by several hundred percent in a short period of time. I can show you exactly how they do this and how you can learn to profit off of their dirty little game.



Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes 2:

Beat The Promoters At Their Own Game & Profit

This is a unique penny stock trading course and e-book which explains the exact methodology that I use to extract consistent profits from the stock market! You won't find anything else like it anywhere because it includes access to my proprietary trading system! I guarantee this is the most comprehensive penny stock trading program that you will ever find because it includes step-by-step instructions and an easy-to-follow guide which will show exactly how I make thousands of dollars trading penny stocks and how you could learn to do the same!

This Is Exactly What You've Been Looking For!

If you want to learn from a real trader, rather than one of the many con men online that claim they make millions trading, but actually just make money selling their worthless DVD's and useless trade alerts, then this is for you. This course will cover the basics and then will delve much deeper into more advanced techniques including my trading system, several profitable trading strategies, advanced technical analysis, stock scanning, money management, market psychology, developing a trading plan and a much more.

fiduciary diagram
What You Will Learn Inside:
  • My Technical Trading System
  • Several Advanced Strategies
  • How To Develop A Trading Plan

Check This Out:

  • Nathan Hacienda Heights, CA

    Great book! It really cuts through all of the clutter out there and for this price... Daniel could have easily charged 10 fold for the info in his e-book. He takes you from point A - Z. Teachers and trainers don't always teach you everything they know, however I feel that Daniel Regan the author has been forthcoming with blunt honesty. All cards on the table. I recommend this ebook to whoever wants to be or currently is involved in stock trading.

Don't Trust The Guru's

Penny Stock Investing

They're Lying To You...

This course is NOT scam like nearly all the penny stock trading DVD's, and penny stock investing E-books online. The sellers of these products have flashy websites & make ridiculous promises, and I can assure you that these people are trying to rip you off and steal from you!

I Know Exactly What It's Like!

In 2002 I started out just like you and could never get a break. I spent thousands on courses, seminars, and penny stock picking services, but kept on losing. After two long years of struggling something finally started to "click" and I became profitable! My success was due to the proprietary trading system that I developed myself.

Trust Me When I Tell You...

I spent thousands of hours perfecting my trading method for profiting in the top penny stocks, and twelve months creating my penny stock E-book. I've read 373 books on trading over the years and most were completely useless. I can guarantee you will find this course beneficial because it will show you a proven method to profit in penny stocks and save you from losing thousands like I did!


What This Course Is Not!

This course is not focused on shorting penny stocks like the strategy that Timothy Sykes uses, but includes a section on how I occasionally short penny stocks and the exact patterns I look for when shorting pump and dumps.

Not Just For Trading Penny Stocks

Despite this fact, my trading system can be extremely useful for buying and short selling not only penny stocks but also higher priced stocks, bonds, forex, futures, cryptocurrencies and options. A real trading system should have the flexibility to work in all markets.

Learn To Time The Market Precisely

My system can allow you to time the market better than Tim Sykes whom admits he is not a great trader (but is still successful), but you need much more capital to short sell penny stocks. Don't listen to anyone that claims you can short sell stocks under $5.00 successfully with a few hundred or a couple thousand dollars because they are blatantly lying to you! You need a lot more money to short micro cap stocks than if you buy them which is why Tim's strategy is not viable for most new traders with small accounts.

Short Selling Penny Stocks


The Magic Question...

I am sure you are thinking to yourself this is great and all but if you have a profitable system for trading penny stocks, then why wouldn't you just utilize it yourself & not share it with anyone?

The Simple Answer:

I do in fact use it for myself every single day but believe me when I tell you I used to think exactly the same way as you. I soon learned the stock market does not pay penny stocks traders daily, but instead pays out randomly. Therefore I don't know when the high probability setups will arise or how many opportunities will occur each month! What I do know is that these trades occur month after month, and I have learned secure income is important, so I am willing to share my penny stock secrets with people that are serious.

fiduciary diagram


Limited Access

I am limiting access to this course to only those who are serious and dedicated about learning to trade. If you are not serious you should stay far away from the stock market or else I can guarantee you are in for a rude awakening.... Here is the simple reason. As more people start utilizing a profitable trading system, it's effectiveness can decrease and although I'm happy to help those who are serious, by no means am I interested in losing my trading edge.

Don't Even Bother If...

Trading is not what most people think it is. If you came to this website with the false impression you can make millions overnight I suggest leaving right now because the stock market does not work this way. When you learn how my trading system works you will have the ability to potentially earn large sums of money quickly, but you must be realistic. Trading takes time to learn and you must put in some effort if you want to succeed.



Take A Glance Inside The Book


  1. What the penny stock market really is...
  2. How to find penny stocks that are primed for huge gains!
  3. What is modern technical analysis & why is it important?
  4. What exactly is a trading system & a trading plan?
  5. What is money management  & how can it help you?
  6. What is market psychology & how will it affect you?
  7. So much more that I can't even begin to list it all!

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  • JohnBrisbane, Australia

    Penny Stocks Behind the Scenes 2 is a comprehensive guide for traders looking to get into the world of stock trading. Dan really hammers home how penny stocks are scams and should only ever be traded for a quick profit and not seen as a long term investment. He also outlines his trading system which is based around his Buy/Sell zones which help in determining good entry and exit points or any potential reversal points. Before I read Dans book I was consistently bleeding money but now I have made back those losses and am up 40% thanks to his system!

  • Dave Milpitas, CA

    Dan I finished your course today, and made $440 this morning in profits trading with some of the knowledge you shared. This pays for the course 4x's over! What a great investment it was to get your book. If you write any more in the future, I'll be first in line to get them!

  • Travis Breaux Bridge, LA

    Hey Daniel, I learned a lot so far from reading Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes 2 and actually used your system the "buy/sell zone" to make a 50% return on my investment this week profiting $300 which more than paid for your course in this one trade! Thanks Dan.

  • Ron Miami, FL

    Daniel , without question your Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes 2 course is by far the best strategy for trading stocks I have ever seen. Your system and trading platform recommendations alone are worth the price of the course. The support provided is like the course, 'First Class'. Thank you for a magnificent course!


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What's Included:


150 Page Trading E-book

Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes 2: Beat The Promoters At Their Own Game Is A 150 Page E-book Which Includes Step-By-Step Instructions And An Easy To Follow Guide. It Can Be Read On An iPad, Iphone, Android, Kindle, Etc, or can even be printed if you prefer.


Getting Started Checklist

A Guide Which Shows How To Utilize Our Trading Course And Reduce Your Learning Curve Significantly. It Lists Each Component That Is Essential To Start Profiting In Penny Stocks.


Money & Risk Management Tools

Included Is A Document Which Will Help To Calculate The Proper Size Positions So That You Can Management Your Money And Lower Your Risk On Every Trade That You Make.


Large List Of Newsletters

We've Included A List Of many Penny Stock Newletters. This Is The Largest List That You Will Ever Find Which Will Greatly Improve Your Odds Of Trading Penny Stock Successfully.


Stock Promotion Tracking Document

You Will Be Able To Keep Track Of All Of The Current Stock Promotions Using A Proprietary Method We Came Up With Which Will Be Thoroughly Explained In An Included Microsoft Word Document.


Proprietary Trading System

You Will Receive Access To My Proprietary Trading System Which Can be Configured In Suggested Trading Software. You Will Not Find Our Profitable Trading System Anywhere Else!


So Much More Valuable Information!

This Course Cover's The Basics And Then Goes Into Great Depth On Ever Aspects Of Trading. There Is So Much Valuable Information That We Can't Even Begin To List It All.


Bonus Audio Book

For a limited time we are also going to provide you with our Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes 2 audio book mp3 file. It is over 5 hours long and will help you to learn the information from the E-book.

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    Download: To begin learning how to trade just download our trading course.

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    Study: Go through the course and learn our proprietary trading system.

  3. 3

    Get A Broker: Setup an account with an online broker if you don't have one already.

  4. 4

    Begin Profiting: Follow our directions and you could start earning consistent profits!


60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

This course is the real deal. I've invested years in perfecting my trading system and thousands of people have gotten results and you can too. Check out all the reviews here.

With that being said, the course comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're disappointed for whatever reason, you'll get every cent back and it's free for you. You really can't lose so you might as well try it out now risk free for 60 days...

60 day money back guarantee


Did You Know That:

If you're involved in penny stocks with no plan and no profitable trading system, you are making a huge mistake? I've been there, and believe me, losing all your money isn't any fun.

Do You Realize You're Risking Absolutely Everything?

Instead, why not learn from someone who has been there and done that; someone who lost big but turned it around by deciphering how the market "really" works?

It's Time To Separate The Gamblers From The Pro's

If you're looking to make a quick buck, look elsewhere, or save yourself time and stop looking altogether. But if you're ready to implement a trading system that's kept me in the black for more than a decade, you owe it to your bottom line to download my course and E-book today.

Here's What I Want To Do For You...

I want to help you make the penny stock market work for you. All I ask is that you're serious about your success. That's why I'm charging just $49.95 for this customer-proven penny stock trading package. If you're serious about winning, that's a small price to pay. If you are looking for something quick, it's not.

Let Me Ask You A Question

Do you want to bring in substantial profit month after month or would you rather struggle and fail? It's completely up to you. If long-term wealth is important to you, and you want to make that money trading penny stocks, then now is the time to get started...


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  • *** I told you that you can't just try penny stocks, but I'm going to let you try this course. If you put down the money and follow the formula I've laid out for you, and if after two months you're not satisfied with your trading success, I'm happy to refund your money.


    *** You'll be in a position to profit handsomely from the penny stock market ' month, after month, after month. You'll finally be able to achieve the success in the market that you always knew was possible ' the success that has never materialized for you... Until now!


    *** Now's your chance to make the market work for you and earn back all the money you've lost and then some. Are you ready? Just click on buy now!

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