Frequently Asked Questions:

  • 11. How long does it take to start profiting in the stock market?

    • There is no definitive amount of time that it takes to become profitable. If you are completely new trading and have no prior knowldge of technical analysis, than it may take a bit more time. If you have a basic understanding than you may be able to grasp the concepts more quickly. With that said, I have seen new traders that start learning my system and in a as little as a few months they are already starting to make money. The amount of time that you can devote to studying my trading courses and putting the information you learn into use, will alsso play a factor in how long it takes. profitable trading isn't just about mastering a trading system but is also about mastering your own emotions. This can take different amounts of time for different people. For example if you are disciplined person you may be far ahead of somebody who lacks discpline to follow your trading plan.
  • 12. What is the best broker for trading penny stocks?

    • in Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes you will learn which brokers I feel are the best brokers for trading penny stocks (or any priced stocks for that matter). Many brokers are pretty terrible and will be useless for trading successfully. There are a number of important factors such as the priced for commissions, the software provided, and the customer service and reliability of the company.
  • 13. How do I know this course isn't a ripoff?

    • You have ever right to be skeptical. I know I sure was when I first was getting started in trading and the truth is I lost a lot of money listening to countless guru's who claimed to have a magic system which never loses. All that I can tell you is that I offer a 60 day money back guarantee for this very reason. I want every single person that goes through my course to feel 100% satisfied that they are receiving a great value so that they send me a positive testimonial.
  • 14. What is your return policy?

    • I provide a 60 day return policy. All that I ask is that you go through the course and put the recommendations to use. If you don't feel like I have provided exactly what I have stated, just let me know and I will provide a full refund.
  • 15. Do you use fundamental analysis in your trading?

    • I am a technical trader. This means I use technical and statiscial analysis to analyze the market. The reason I don't pay much attention to the fundamentals is because most lower priced stocks have very poor fundamentals and therefore can't be analyzed the same as higher priced stocks. Since earnings are only released 4 times per year, the fundamentals don't fluctuate much. This means since I am a short term trader the fundamentals really don't have much of an effect on my trading decisions. The exception is on the actual day or a few days before and after earnings are released since stocks will often move based on future expected earnings. Once again since penny stocks typically have no profits and sometimes don't even have revenues, this is usually irrelevant.
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