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Daniel is a professional stock trader who has been trading for a living since 2002. He started out as an unprofitable trader. It took him two long years and thousands of dollars in losses, before he finally realized what it takes to be a consistently profitable stock trader.

Prior to becoming successful, he spent thousands on penny stock alert services, bought countless trading systems, and purchased numerous trading DVD's. Unfortunately he learned the hard way that all these so-called "guru's" were selling their useless trading products because they couldn't actually earn money trading for themselves. It wasn't until Daniel decided to take matters into his own hands and stop relying on other's, that he finally figured out a real method of earning consistent profits in the stock market.

Daniel is an expert at technical analysis, tape reading and market psychology. He has a deep understanding of the markets internal "framework" which dictates how all asset types move (stocks, bonds, options, futures, forex and cryptocurrencies). After tremendous success in his trading career, he has decided to give back. Dan currently is living in Bangkok, Thailand.

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