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Real Testimonials


Tony - Los Angeles, CA:

I read your book once so far and all I can say is wow! Your book is the number one book I would recommend to anyone that is thinking about getting involved in the penny stock market. The beauty of the book is that it tells you exactly how the penny stock market really works. This is invaluable information. I don’t know how you figured it out but I am glad I do not have to do it myself because it would take me years!


Christina - Kalispell, MT:

I really enjoyed your course Dan. I am just a beginner, and thought your book was very informative and easy to understand! I really like that you didn't sugar coat anything! You are for real, honest, and compassionate! Thank you so much!


John - Brisbane, Australia:

Penny Stocks Behind the Scenes is a comprehensive guide for traders looking to get into the world of stock trading. Dan really hammers home how penny stocks are scams and should only ever be traded for a quick profit and not seen as a long term investment. He also outlines his trading system which is based around his Buy/Sell zones which help in determining good entry and exit points or any potential reversal points. Before I read Dans book I was consistently bleeding money but now I have made back those losses and am up 40% thanks to his system!


Nathan - Hacienda Heights, CA:

Great book! It really cuts through all of the clutter out there and for this price... Dan could have easily charged 10 fold for the info in his e-book. He takes you from point A - Z. Teachers and trainers don't always teach you everything they know, however I feel that Dan Regan the author has been forthcoming with blunt honesty. All cards on the table. I recommend this ebook to whoever wants to be or currently is involved in penny land.


Travis - Breaux Bridge, LA:

Hey Dan, I learned a lot so far from reading Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes and actually used your system the "buy/sell zone" to make a 50% return on my investment this week profiting $300 which more than paid for your course in this one trade! Thanks Dan.


Ron - Miami, FL:

Dan, without question your Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes course is by far the best strategy for trading stocks I have ever seen. Your system and trading platform recommendations alone are worth the price of the course. The support provided is like the course, “First Class”. Thank you for a magnificent course!


Daniel - Fremont, CA:

I came into the penny stock market blind with no clue how anything worked or where to look to educate myself. This guide explained exactly what needs to be avoided and I immediately gained a quick understanding of my mistakes, which without this guide could have taken months or even years of failed trades and lost money to realize. There were very effective and important ideas covered at a high level and the $99.95 cost of the guide is literally a drop in the bucket, as it equips you with the tools necessary to make thousands of dollars per day. Thanks for the informative and priceless information in the guide!


Paul - Chicago, IL:

I found the information in this course to be unique and valuable. Dan is very helpful. Great course!


Mark - Sarasota, FL:

Penny Stocks Behind the Scenes is exactly what I was looking for. I tried to trade penny stocks prior to reading this and ended up like many others; unsuccessful. This book has given me the knowledge that I need to succeed. It did a fantastic job explaining technical charting, buy/sell zones, and unique trading tips. If you want to be successful in trading I highly recommend this book. Also, the support staff is very quick to respond to questions!


Pennystockspayd - New York, NY

I have just finished reading your book and I can tell you it is one great read. I wish I came across this book years ago so that it would have speeded up the process to where where I am today. It could have pointed me in the right direction without using my "let me do it myself method". I am an experienced trader and have been successful doing it the hard way, but this book could easily helped me skip several months or even years.


Tony - Las Vegas, NV

This book is a DEFINITE must read for the serious trader. As an ex Financial Advisor, that started my career with a penny stock firm, this book brought back a lot of things I had forgotten as well as a LOT of new material. One thing that readers will find beneficial is not only does Dan shows you his trading strategy, he also shows how some of the 'Gurus" and institutional penny stock traders REALLY make money. This book gets to the nitty gritty of how money is made and dis-spells a lot of the myths. This is is the most in depth book on penny stocks and the ONLY one that I have ever seen that is REAL in its approach and honest in what to expect. Thanks for having written a great book that is a well laid out, step by step roadmap for trading Dan!


Ahmad - Falls Church, VA:

This is by far one of the best books I have ever read on trading. Congratulations and thank you very much!


Shawn - Ames, Iowa:

Dan I recently purchased your ebook and I must say it is very good. It is not only well written but it has very good content. Additionally, your common sense approach far surpasses other hype out there, those who are just looking to sell their schemes instead of trading to make money. Thanks again for a very good product at a very reasonable price.


Adam - Las Vegas, NV:

Thanks for the great course. I really enjoyed it. It completely changed the way I view penny stocks. My confidence in my ability is higher than it has ever been. I've made the most money applying your advice to options trading, and am up a few thousand this week. I use your technical settings and they are spot on. 90% of the time I have gone against your technical advice, I've lost money. This confidence has allowed me to withdraw a few hundred thousand from my managed brokerage account and start managing it myself, and I am doing twice as well as before!


John - Peoria, AZ:

The course is a must have for any beginner that is interested in learning the ins and outs of penny stocks. It compiles the most important information and explains the truths and hidden secrets behind penny stocks that will bring you amazing returns and will also save you from losing tons of money. The author teaches you his very own personal trading system that has worked for many years. Without this course, I would still be digging around trying to find answers to so many questions a beginner has. It has put me on the right path to making great returns, and is well worth the purchase, thank you!


Keshia - Greensboro, NC:

I am new to trading but I found this book to be very informative. I think it's great for beginners or anyone for that matter.


Dave - Oakland, CA:

Dan I finished your course today, and made $440 this morning in profits trading with some of the knowledge you shared. This pays for the course 4x's over! What a great investment it was to get your book. If you write any more in the future, I'll be first in line to get them!


Christian - Quebec, CAN:

Dan I simply loved your book and learned so much from it. What I liked most about it is that it helped to answer many questions that I had for along time. This book is very well done, and there is no need to think about buying it. Just buy it and you will enjoy it. The book is like caviar for a really good price. Thanks again and I am very happy I bought your book!


Scott - Scottsdale, AZ:

This book should be required reading for all beginning traders! There is some excellent information given and some good tips. Even veteran penny stock traders could pick up some useful tips. I wish I would have had something like this when I started out trading.


Tony - Maplewood, NJ:

Wow! I just finished your course and could't believe how thorough and attentive to detail it was! I'm a beginner, so will definitely have to re-read several times, but am very confident that this will work for me. Thank you very much for going above and beyond what was expected.


Patsy - Castle Rock, CO:

I started looking for a way to learn to trade penny stocks and came across your website. I have to say your ebook was the best I have ever read and it was exactly what I have been looking for! It is worth every penny you charge for your information. Thank you. If anyone is looking for an informative ebook that I think is ingenious I would recommend this ebook.


Mark - Indiana:

I've been interested in trading penny stocks for sometime now. The problem was always finding the right info on how to trade. Dan's book gave me the info and knowledge needed to trade stocks. If you are wanting to learn how to trade penny stock pumps, this is the book that teaches you how to do it. The extra's that Dan gives you with the course is worth the price of the course alone. The other valuable info Dan offers up is about all stock promoters and how to set up the alerts. This alone is priceless!


Seno - USA:

I have been trading for 3 years now so I am not a beginner but I have to say that this book is awesome! It really opened my eyes on some topics. This book is full of hot tips which all traders will find useful. Thank you!!


Robert - Laclede, Idaho :

I bought your book last week and spent the week reading and re-reading it. I am new to stock trading so some of the info seemed like totally new ideas, but your book is complete and very educational. Thank$ a million!


Jason - Fort Lauderdale, FL

This book is a quick read with an in-depth technical analysis overview. I recommend using this book to expand your knowledge of the penny stock market in order to increase your profits and minize losses. Thanks!


Walt - Long Beach, MS

Dan, I have read through your material. I wanted to say thank you for the great little course. This is the best money I have ever spent!


Mirsad - Ontario, CAN:

This is a great book! It has such detailed information! It is worth so much more than the cost!


David - Dallas, TX:

Dan I enjoyed your book and all the wisdom you share in it. I found it very useful!


Marco - Austin, TX:

Hey Dan I ordered your course and I have to say I really enjoyed it, it has really opened up my eyes on promos and penny stocks. Not to mention how much I learned about stock trading itself!


Marcus - Aurora, CO:

Dan's eBook has everything anyone needs to succeed as a trader. It is not a get rich quick gimmick but an educational tool. Dan goes through everything he does to make successful trades and what to avoid. This eBook made me realize that I was just rolling the dice before and has completely changed my trading for the better. Words can't even describe how useful it is. If you are serious about trying to make money trading stocks this is the best investment you will ever make. Buy this eBook and get started now!


Eric - Liverpool, NY:

I just finished my first read through your book. I'm glad I made the purchase. I've been trying to develop a solid strategy, and I now see it would take years to discover only a small portion of your strategy. Your course probably saved me thousands of dollars, because I'm clearly not ready to trade yet. I will jump in at some point but not until I have read this several times and am comfortable with everything. Thank you for making this course, it's well worth the price tag!


Chris - Toronto, CAN:

Your course has amazing information and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's serious about learning how to become a profitable trader. I don't understand why you would sell your course for only $100, you must be crazy. I've read the book multiple times now, and I went from knowing absolutely nothing to knowing quite a bit in one month.


Enrique - Lawrenceville, GA:

I really appreciate you course Dan. It is the first time I have come a across a trading book with a clear message that is straight to the point, not filled with nonsense like many books I have read. The clear message against being greedy makes this book clearly stand out from the rest. For example many guru's convey the false impression you can trade by catching the lows and the highs which is just not true. For this in itself, this book is worthy!


Steven - Panna Maria, TX:

ey I just wanted to say I read the book and wow. You cover everything that you should know to trade from the Blue Chips down to pennies. I honestly am I glad I paid for this. Thank you and good luck with your future trading!





 trading penny stocks



My name is Daniel Regan and I trade penny stocks for a living. Believe it or not, 95% of people lose money when trying to time the stock market, however in the penny stock market a whopping 99% of penny stock investors end up losing! I know it's hard to believe but it's actually true.

How Can This Be?

penny stock picks

The main reason this occurs is because most people treat the penny stock market like the lottery or similar to a casino, and choose to gamble by investing in penny stocks rather than trading penny stocks in the short term...

What Is Wrong With These People?

Many people throw several hundred dollars into a penny stock pick such as a stock trading for $.03 per share that claims they have a cure for cancer, or a stock at $.001, that just announced an exclusive agreement with a successful company such as Apple or Google.

What Are They Thinking?

The type of people that believe these penny stocks will rise to $100 per share and turn them into millionaires overnight, are degenerate gamblers and are totally delusional! The chance of a penny stock providing such astronomical returns is near zero, but they ignore this reality, and instead choose to live in a dream world! Please don't act like these people!




You have to understand that the financial markets are what is referred to as a zero sum game where one person wins and one person loses on every single trade that takes place on a daily basis in the market.

Stop Losing Money Now!

Unfortunately most people do not consider who is on the other end of their trade and how they are going to take that persons money, before the other person takes their own. Instead they just hope and pray they get lucky, and they have the false impression that profits in the penny stock market just magically appear out of no where, which is not true!


What's Actually Required?

They never educate themselves about the best penny stocks to buy or learn the reasons why hot penny stocks move the way they do, and for this reason they always end up consistent losers!



Stock chart

Only 1% of people are able to earn consistent profits in penny stocks and these "key market players" know which patterns are profitable & how technical analysis can work to their advantage.

Why Do Penny Stocks Move?

They also know about who decides which free penny stock picks will rise and how the hottest penny stocks can make them a lot of money very quickly!

Forget About Luck In Trading

Of this small group of winners, about .0001% get lucky and they are similar to a person that wins $50k on a scratch ticket. Random payouts like this help to entice a steady supply of new suckers into the penny stock market, but it's foolish to expect to get lucky consistently.

Penny Stock Investing Is For Fools!

People that invest in penny stocks for the long term always lose and I will show you exactly why this is and how not to end up like these people!





Every penny stock has a great idea for a product or service and what looks like a great "story". From their professionally designed websites, online profiles, and PR campaigns, they look like great companies...

The Shocking Truth Of Penny Stocks

Not many people seem to realize that a majority of the penny stocks OTCBB listed on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) and the Pink Sheets exchanges, are fraudulent companies! I don't just mean they are poorly run but instead scams!

Penny Stock Secrets...

Under the surface many of these companies are " shell corporations" with just one employee, who's address is actually an abandoned warehouse or a UPS mail box! Miraculously these "exploratory stage" companies manage to increase their market value by hundreds of millions of dollars quickly. You will learn how they do this and how you can profit from their dirty little game once you acknowledge the following about penny stocks:

  Who Can You Trust 
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I am not going to lie to you like so-called "gurus" & tell you you can turn a thousand dollars into a million in a short period of time, since this is very unrealistic for most people that trade penny stocks.Make money in penny stocks

My Trading Success

What I can say is that when I became profitable in 2004 I made $5,000+ a month with my trading system & and started to make more as my account size grew.  My primary penny stock trading strategy can potentially generate large profits several times per month in hot penny stocks & for additional income my trading system will work in all markets such as stocks, futures, options and Forex.

Check Out Several Of My Trades Below

The first thing you'll notice is that the profit potential is quite high even if you start with a small account like most people do. To the right are other penny stocks I have traded successfully over the last several years, some of which had massive percent gains. Notice the huge moves penny stocks can make and imagine the potential if you knew exactly why these stocks rise and how to profit off these big opportunities! 

OTC Stocks how to buy penny stocks Pump and dump


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  penny stock course

Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes is a unique penny stock trading course which explains the exact methodology that I use to extract consistent profits in the stock market! You won't find anything else like it online because it includes my proprietary system that I developed myself!

This Is Exactly What You've Been Looking For!

I guarantee this is the most comprehensive penny stock trading program that you will find online because it includes step-by-step instructions and an easy-to-follow guide which will show exactly how I make thousands of dollars trading penny stocks and how you could learn to do the same!

This Is The Real Deal!

If you want to learn from a real trader, rather than one of the many con men online that claim they make millions trading, but actually just make money selling their worthless DVD's and trade alerts, then this is for you.

Learn Everything Needed To Profit In Stocks

This course will cover the basics and then will delve much deeper into more advanced techniques including profitable trading strategies, my trading system, advanced technical analysis, stock scanning, money management, trading psychology, developing a trading plan and much more.


Get Started Now!!!!


This Is Important



This course is NOT a scam like nearly all the penny stock trading DVD's, and penny stock investing E-books for sale online. The sellers of these products have flashy websites & make ridiculous promises, and I can assure you that these people are trying to rip you off and steal all your money! Many penny stock alerts are offered by paid penny stock promoters who's sole purpose is take advantage of uninformed people!

I Know Exactly What It's Like!

In 2002 I started out just like you and I could never seem to get a break. I spent litterally thousands of dollars purchasing trading courses, attending penny stock trading seminars, and tried nearly every penny stock pick service available, but just kept on losing. I knew if I just took matters into my own hands things would change, so thats exactly what I did.

What Changed?

In 2004 something started to "click" & I finally became a profitable penny stock trader! I feel my success was due to the proprietary trading system I developed because it helped me to see the market in a different way that not many people ever do. I also stopped relying on others penny stock promoters for stock advice.

Trust Me When I Tell You...

No exaggeration, I spent thousands of hours perfecting my penny stock trading method for profiting in the top penny stocks, and twelve months creating my trading course and penny stock e-book. I've read 367 books on trading over the years and most were completely useless. I can guarantee you will find this course beneficial because it will show you exactly what I do to beat the market!




candlestick charts

What Are The Charts Above?

This is a snap shot of my proprietary technical trading system which utilizes custom and non standard technical indicator settings which most people are not familiar with. The market is setup to take advantage of suckers that use standard indicators so they no longer work, yet many of guru's keep claiming they are making a fortune with these indicators.

You Won't Believe It Until You See It

Through thousands of hours of trial and error I came up with a trading system to forecast stock price movements with incredible accuracy and I guarantee you will be amazed at how well it predicts market direction. When you test it out you will realize the incredible opportunities that it presents, and will be wondering why I am crazy enough to be sharing it! People that say market timing does not work are mistaken!

penny stock trading system


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  how to day trade penny stocks

This course is not focused on shorting penny stocks like the strategy that Timothy Sykes uses, but includes a small section on how I occasionally short penny stocks and the exact pattern I look for when shorting pump and dumps.

Short Sell Anything!

Despite this fact, my trading system can be extremely useful for short selling penny stocks, or any asset class for that matter such as stocks, bonds, forex, futures, and options.

Learn To Time The Market Precisely

My system will allow you to time the market better than Tim Sykes whom admits he is not a great trader (but is still successful), but you need much more capital to short sell penny stocks. Don't listen to anyone that claims you can short sell stocks under $5.00 successfully with a few hundred or a couple thousand dollars because they are blatantly lying to you! You need a lot more money to short micro cap stocks than if you buy them which is why Tim's Strategy is not viable for most new traders with small accounts.



 penny stock reviews

I am sure you are thinking this is all great but "If you have a profitable system for trading penny stocks then why wouldn't you just utilize it yourself & not share it with anyone?"

The Simple Answer:

I do use it for myself but believe me when I tell you I used to think exactly the same way as you. I soon learned the stock market does not pay penny stocks traders daily, but instead pays out randomly. Therefore I don't know when the high probability setups will arise or how many opportunities will occur each month! What I do know is that these trades occur month after month, and I have learned secure income is important, so I am willing to share my penny stock secrets with people that want to learn to trade profitably.


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Access to this course is being limited to people who are serious about trading penny stocks because I really am not willing to share my system with undedicated people who won't spent the time to learn. 

The Simple Reason?

best penny stock picks

The more people that get access to a profitable trading method the better the chance it will become less effective and I have no interest in losing my trading edge.

Don't Even Bother

Please be aware you can not "try out" penny stocks. If you think you will become a millionaire by next Tuesday please leave my website right now & visit Las Vegas instead! When you learn my system the potential to profit will become quite enormous, but if you think that trading is a get rich quick scheme think again!



What's Included


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Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes:

  Penny stock review 1Penny stocks reviews




Bonus Offer



Did You Know That...

If you are involved in buying penny stocks with no plan and no profitable trading system, you are making a really big mistake?how to day trade penny stocks

Do You Realize You're Risking Everything?

Passing up this opportunity could haunt you for the rest of your life if you get caught in a pump and dump!

To Earn Thousands Of Extra Income:

Stop letting the penny stock market steal from you. Take action now by clicking "Buy Now" below! 



How to make money in penny stocks

Begin Trading

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Best Regards,

Daniel Regan



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***With my 60 day guarantee you simply have nothing to lose. Try out my course and put the information you learn to use. If you are not happy with my course, just contact me for a full refund. There is absolutely no risk for you! Don't miss out. Start profiting in penny stocks right now!